4 reasons when it’s time to rebrand your business

This is a question we get asked a lot and if you run your own business there are key points you need to be aware of. A good brand is more than a name and logo, it should communicate what your business does and how it does it throughout the branding. A well thought out brand establishes trust and credibility with their customers and continues to do this when changes are made within it.

4 reasons when this should happen are:

  1. the logo feels outdated compared to the products or level of service currently offered
  2. when changes are made within the business and not reflected in any branded marketing this could be seen as misleading
  3. to stand out from competitors, as a generic logo will hurt your brand
  4. you’re struggling to attract new customers or the right kind of customers.

As a business develops, for instance when a new product or service is introduced, the internal dynamics change. These changes should be clearly communicated on the external face of the business down from the logo to spread across the branding that include, fonts, colours and image style.

Here are a few case studies we’ve worked on over the years to highlight before and after a rebrand.


JMDA Design

International product designers, specialising in baby and toddler products.

Problem: the original logo looked disjointed across marketing material and didn’t reflect that they were an international company. The overall branding didn’t match the quality of their products or services.

Brief: to design a scaleable logo that can be used for digital, printed material, signage and promotional items. To create a cohesive brand that’s instantly recognisable to set them apart at an international level for meetings and trade shows.

Solution: from the three concepts submitted the chosen logo kept close to the original logo and colours with a more clean and modern design. Using a curved font for the logo type helped reinforce their products in the marketplace. A logo suite was created and supplied to their team along with brand guidelines to help tie in the website design.

Benefit: as the business has grown over the years the brand has expanded across sub-logos, business cards, product leaflets, marketing campaigns, presentations to branded door mats being designed!

“We found working with iD very straightforward, listening carefully what we had in mind, but when appropriate, made your own points and comments which was very useful and met our expectations of what a graphic design studio should offer. With your help we saved time by focusing on the necessary tasks and not deviating too much!”

Take a look at the current website to see how successful the guidelines work: jmdadesign.com

Read our case study here: JMDA Design global design


Morgan Walsh

IoT technology company that creates innovative ideas through electronic hardware and software.

Problem: having been in business for over 30 years, the original logo didn’t represent the level of Gary’s expertise or reflect what industry Morgan Walsh is in. With no previous set branding meant the brand recognition was weak compared to competitors in 2020.

Brief: to design a logo and brand guidelines to look modern and professional and to differentiate from other IT businesses. The original purple to be integrated somehow as from research the competitors commonly used blue in the industry. The logo needed to represent tech to convey the level of services and expertise. To successfully promote the business the logo needs to look consistent across print, website and video.

Solution: from the three concepts submitted the chosen logo integrates the strokes of the ‘M&W’ which also represents a resistor symbol (electronic component). This graphic helps to create a modern versatile brand which easily lends itself for an intro and outro for explainer videos.

Benefit: solidifying the logo, a colour palette and fonts in the brand guidelines directed Gary to keep the branding consistent when producing some content himself and passing onto the website designer. The logo suite was designed ready to send over to suppliers so they can select the correct logo ready for production.

“We required a re-branding of our technical consultancy business and approached Jane at ID Creative Design as we liked her professional but friendly approach to design. The brand guidelines document, written just for us, has been brilliant! Not only did it guide our web designer during the creation of our new website, but it has been invaluable to us when we need to select a background colour or similar – we just look at the guidelines and simply pick one – we know it will work.”

Take a look at the Morgan Walsh website to see how well the branding works.

Read more about our case study here: Morgan Walsh tech rebrand



A not-for-profit sustainability hub committed to delivering a positive impact for sport at every level, building a sustainable future for all.

Problem: the original logo was too restricted to fit across all marketing material and lacked impact used at certain sizes. The logo was trying to represent too many things in itself. Each letter was originally coloured used to represent the sky down to the earth and there were no brand guidelines to help convey this with the styling.

Brief: to create a consistent logo to reflect sustainability and the cause of the charity. The guidelines are to be used internally and to pass on to suppliers.

Solution: from the three concepts submitted, the committee chose a clear winner. The new logo uses a bold, stylised sans serif font combined with a bright green to create impact no matter what size it’s used at.

Benefit: the new logo and branding now reflects the sustainable aspect to be adapted across their marketing to distinguish them in an emerging market. The supporting photos and graphics reflect the sports sector but clearly places BASIS at an elevated level they need to be seen at as leaders in their field.

“The BASIS logo and brand had served us well for a long time, but the tenth anniversary celebrations of our organisation was the perfect time to refresh the brand with a more up-to-date and clearer feel. Jane and Nick listened to us and created a new brand identity for us that met all of our requirements – and all on a tight timescale. iD Creative combined simplicity with clarity.”

See the branding style on their website: basis.org.uk

Read our case study here: BASIS building a sustainable brand