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Our expectations were met, we are extremely pleased with our set of brand guidelines to create a strong, recognisable brand image and online presence. Jane made it clear what she needed from us, communication was fast and consistent, tasks were completed on time everytime!

Steph Chamings, Marketing Manager

Creating that PerfectFit

How we helped a long standing client update their brand

Here’s a stroll through how we worked together with the CEO and Marketing Manager at PerfectFit Harness to move away from the original founding name of Dog Games. ID have worked with the Dog Games team since 2013 to develop their brochures and exhibition items as their original logo wasn’t scaleable for print. Over the years as the business has grown, their requirements have too.

The unique modular design of PerfectFit, allows your pet to be comfortable wearing a harness regardless of their size. Vets and rescue centres recommend the PerfectFit harness to help improve the health and well-being of pets by replacing collar leads. To find out more take a look here on their website.

Communication is key

Our role is to work alongside clients to help solve their problem, which always start with a few questions. As a designer I can have many ideas but the objective always starts with what the client has in their mind and then develop it and to keep within their vision. The development process can be neglected when in fact the design process is a two way street and one that takes time to develop. Working through this process has helped the client realise the importance of consistency across digital platforms with the creation of colours, designs and images in order to fall in line with their new branding and marketing message. Our job is to create a scaleable, simple logo design first then create suitable branding around this based on the company values, which make it unique.

Digital brand  

Usually Dog Games exhibits several times throughout the year and are well known at Crufts. With the pandemic, businesses have had to move online more and the development of the new logo/marker is scaleable, more flexible for use on different devices online. Being consistent ensures they are recognised by these same customers who are used to meeting face-to-face.

Why not take a look at their Facebook and Instagram profiles to judge yourself if we were a good fit.