3 reasons why your brand’s design should be visible on your marketing materials

You conduct thorough research and plan carefully, before implementing your new marketing campaign. This could be printed or look to reach a new audience on a different media to market your product or service. However, there could be a few reasons why it isn’t being noticed, so I want to ask you how visible is your brand?

If you’re not sure, there’s a chance it was overlooked for any of these reasons:

  • people perceive your product as less valuable than a competitors
  • your customers may confuse it with another business
  • the quality of your product isn’t reflected in your marketing materials/campaign

As a small business, having a clear objective and message for a campaign is now more important than ever to successfully reach your target audience. Inconsistent branding across different media channels will cause people to abandon their purchasing journey. Your logo, branding and message should be consistent and visible across all aspects of your marketing materials.

Getting the right attention and building trust throughout your campaigns will lead to a potential customer making that all-important purchase. It’s all about trust, which is why it’s critical that your marketing reflects your business and the product or services clearly, in what can often be an over crowded market.

Consistent support

We support SME marketing teams in implementing a consistent brand across print and digital channels, as we’re a professional duo with over 25 years of experience each in the design industry. Using a consistent brand and marketing message that adheres to your brand guidelines helps to connect you with your target audience, leaving a lasting impression. Just take a look at some of the world’s largest brands to see how visible their digital marketing and branded marketing materials look! These campaigns can scale up to large format for a billboard or trade show so you recognise them in an instant.

Having an effective campaign for your marketing materials will put you ahead of your competitors. Visit our work section to see how we’ve helped other SME companies raise their profile: