Marketing your enterprise

I’m happy to announce our first brochure of the year was signed off in late March! Marketing for small enterprises by Community Catalysts is now complete and ready to download here. Community Catalysts is a social enterprise and community interest company working across the UK to make sure people have a real choice of local care, health and community options. As part of their work, the team supports people to set up their own community enterprises which offer care or support to other local people.

With this comprehensive brochure, there were a number of team members involved to create the content and they brought me in to lead on the design. To start off the project off, an online meeting with all the team members was arranged to chat through the project requirements and organise a timeline for us all to work to.

Once the content was approved, I started the design with a combination of supplied text and images following their in-house style guide that slotted in with existing marketing material. As we all worked remotely, regular contact with the team helped to refine to the final version as well as keep the project on track so everyone knew where the project was at every stage making the process seamless. After all it’s all about working to everyones strengths and expertise with our projects. The final design resulted in a fully branded 40 page interactive PDF to download from their website. Everything was signed off in the right order so once it was all approved a print quality file was also supplied ready to hand over to their printers.

Here’s what the Communications Manager had to say about our collaboration:

Jane got to know us and what we wanted, listened carefully and got us where we needed to be. Jane advised us that it’s best to have as much of the content signed off before the designs starts as once we’d seen the design work, small changes were needed which were factored in the quote. Jane was able to bring her own perspective and knowledge as an enterprise leader and made a suggestion on the final version. We wouldn’t have included that point without her input so that was really helpful!

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