We required a re-branding of our technical consultancy business and approached Jane at ID Creative Design as we liked her professional but friendly approach to design.  She guided us through the process to ensure that the logo and colours matched with our business goals and image.

The brand guidelines document, written just for us, has been brilliant!  Not only did it guide our web designer during the creation of our new website, but it has been invaluable to us when we need to select a background colour or similar - we just look at the guidelines and simply pick one - we know it will work. 

Jane and her team instilled trust and confidence throughout the process and I have no hesitation in recommending ID for your next design project.

IT fit

How we helped Morgan Walsh a UK tech business to rebrand

I met first Gary on a Zoom meeting during lockdown and thought his business image could be improved but wasn’t sure whether he actually needed it. A number of weeks later, Gary approached me as he wanted to bring the Morgan Walsh identity up to date ready to submit for a large proposal. As we had already had a handful of conversations, Gary thought we would be a good fit to help with a brand refresh. The old logo and website didn’t do Gary’s skill set justice, although his projects looked interesting and diverse these weren’t reflected in his logo or website style. Morgan Walsh specialises in taking an idea through design, prototyping, testing to production. The services are very specialised combined with a broad skill set, so it had to represent the whole spectrum which was a challenge in itself!

Forming the brief

Delving deeper into the business there were many questions to ask Gary from his three decades of experience. It’s difficult having an outside perspective on your business when you’re in it and I find this is very common with most clients I work with. With these questions I get a better understanding of what the client requires, to start build up ideas in my head and to understand what the client expects from us. It’s so important to know where the logo is to be used, across printed items, website, social media, what colours and fonts may be suitable. Having identified that the new logo and branding needed to be look more modern and professional to differentiate them from other IT businesses. From the research we found that most businesses within IT use some shade of blue within their logo and branding. Gary was keen to stay away from blue and wanted to integrate the existing colour purple somehow with a hint of tech to convey his services. As always there were lots of factors to consider but this actually helps directs us with our design.

The design process

From our meeting I had a good overview what was needed, so we could start the concepts! Creating something simple but effective to represent Morgan Walsh was more difficult than you may think. Gary didn’t like fussy, complicated designs so a clean modern logo was what we had in mind and having a graphic/icon always helps to reflect the services in the best light. Looking at competitors it was clear to see what made Morgan Walsh different and how to stand out of the crowd. Having clear direction from Gary enabled us to start off confidently, from the initial concepts, Gary made a decision which would reflect his business best.

Technical guidelines

The key colours chosen by Gary clearly made the logo stand out and helped to form the primary colour palette. We suggested that a set of brand guidelines would really help to keep the branding consistent as Gary would be producing some content himself as well as using suppliers including Noble for the website overhaul. These consisted of a primary and secondary palette, chosen fonts and logo usage. These guidelines were ideal for Noble to build and design the website to maintain the style we had discussed with Gary at the start of the project. The clear direction meant that the identity was extended without being diluted. There are always many ways a business could look but consistency is key.

Why not take a look at the MorganWalsh website here to judge yourself if we were a good fit.