Wellbeing stories

We all know the power of stories to get your message across. John Reed otherwise known as the Story Tellah Fellah does this to help combat loneliness with his CIC business. John is an experienced story teller, who creates stories with memorabilia, music and poetry. He currently does this online to reduce loneliness and social isolation with older people. Previously he took his Storytelling skills into prisons to reduce stress levels using his blend of comedy for the inmates. Whoever Johns audience is, his main aim is to bring warmth and increase general well being to his audience. We met at a Zoom meeting last year so I’ve gradually learnt about Johns’ business and kindness to help those who find themselves isolated for a diverse range of reasons.

With the start of the new year John wanted to have a new identity and look for his business. Having never been through this process before John trusted me to guide him through every bit of the way, so he knew what was needed from him for us to start the design. He knew who his audience is, and what makes him uniques. What he didn’t know was how the logo would look! We started off identifying what styles he likes and where the final logo would be placed. John wanted to concentrate on video and networking so the logo had to be scaleable and versatile to work on these media succinctly.

This result was a clean, modern logo that matched John’s ethos and personality to set him up on his LinkedIn account, videos, website and Zoom background. Different colours were explored, but as a straight forward fella, it’s no surprise that the logo now reflects his approach and style.

John really wants to get his business off the ground this year with a new look online for those in some sort of care or in the future to take into prisons, either way to help spread some cheer.

You can find John on LinkedIn.
Or view his newly branded website.


What did John have to say?

As I am in the process of developing my brand, I assigned the professional skills of ID Creative Design to design a logo takes it up a notch to a new level.

I’m no means a designer and simply answering questions from you to achieve this was, for me, the best solution to achieve a professional brand.

Your advice was spot on and the end result is brilliant!