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“All contracts have been postponed, so I’m writing that book I had never found time to write!”
Kathy said to me over the phone in April. 

Growing any business is difficult, but when you make that decision to jump from employed to business owner, there’s usually no manual. Surely this would put most people off… but if you’re like Kathy, who’s always resourceful and open to new ideas, it makes the journey smoother. At the start when creating her new career, there were many hurdles to jump and as her learning curve went up! As we’ve supported her along the journey with a suitable logo, branding and marketing materials over the years, to promote Hands on at Work at networking events. When lockdown began this was the perfect opportunity for Kathy to have the time to write the book she’d never had time to start.

Kathy has successfully built and grown her massage business for the workplace from regional to UK wide in 10 years. This book is written to help those with a spark and passion to create a massage business they love taken from Kathy’s experience. Having her branding to reflect office-based massage in a fun, warm way was always at the top of the brief to reflect her ethos and which runs throughout the team. 

Having a stylish, eye-catching book cover was important to Kathy to attract the right audience. We designed a few ideas before refining Kathy’s favourite, then experimented with different colours for the final decision to be made. Giving choice to clients is always important to us, as most cannot visualise which is why they choose to use our services! The final book design clearly stays away from obvious images, styles, and colours to give it a distinctive look.


To get a copy of the book from Amazon click here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rubbing-Shoulders…/dp/191271356X/

Or email Kathy Scott direct at info@handsonatwork.co.uk


What did Kathy have to say?

“Jane and Nick have been an integral part of my business development with regard to brand image and marketing. They know me well, my style, character and of course the business itself. This made them the ideal choice to design the book cover for me which I am delighted with and have already received many compliments as to its design and colours.”