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Manda knew she needed help with the her business identity and when I was asked if we could help, I felt privileged. Having a big passion for creative businesses Manda is always bursting with new ideas and ready to share these! Working locally and nationally, she helps coach, mentor artists and co-ordinate projects within cultural organisations. Knowing who your target audience is, really helps to give us direction with an accurate brief. We would have to reflect her range of services clearly throughout the branding incorporating the new business name, Creative Spark. I was keen to see how we would capture her initial thoughts and ideas.


Creative process

We started with an in-depth chat about her requirements, colour preferences and how to capture her energy and vibrancy in graphics and fonts. At this stage I always ask lots and lots of questions to get a clearer idea of what was expected. I was eager to shape up how the final design would capture her ideas and discussing ideas always refines these options. Working on your own businesses is always hard without any external advice and we find that most people struggle when trying to visualise their ideas. Stepping in at this stage help businesses to get a clear vision whats needed to plan ahead.


Setting the brief

The brief was to design a clear, scaleable logo based on Mandas’ colour and font preferences to work across all social media platforms, paperwork and marketing items. We went through a process of designing several different concepts from the initial discussions to reflect her individual style. Manda found this a great place to start the creative process to narrow down the possibilities, which could be otherwise overwhelming. Starting here gives us a clear vision what preferences a person has and helps client involvement before the final design is chosen.


Colour theory

Having studied colour theory in depth at college, means we know which colours have clarity when combined together. Manda initially wanted a logo that captures her energy and inspiration that she’s known for. Preferably using blues, turquoise, greens and orange if possible which helped give us a good starting point. Once the concepts were submitted one logo design stood out but Manda couldn’t quite decide on the final colour combinations. Having choices always helps with the process and lets the client see the difference and be involved in the design. For this style of logo we preferred to restrict the colours to a minimum of two so there is contrast wherever it appears. Here are the logos in the different colour combinations:

After some thought Manda decided on the turquoise and lime green option. We integrated the other colour option into the colour palette for the brand guidelines. Having these adjustments in the process helps the client refine their logo to suit their style. 


Firm foundations

Included in the process is a suite of logos and brand guidelines helps to keep you on track with your logo and brand where ever it’s placed. At the start of her journey it inspired her to change the business name to align with her services. Often having that initial discussion with people helps to ignite new inspiration or confirm ideas.

The result is a suite of logos that fit on her updated website, social media accounts and on the new business cards. Having that professional eye will help to align your products or services. 
Take a look at the website to see the new logo and branding:

Having an asymmetrical logo really fits in with Manda’s personality
and helps to convey her collaborative work with artists and organisations.


What did Manda have to say?

I love working with other creatives as they bring fresh ideas. The great thing about working with a design studio is that they understand colour and are able to cleverly translate my business and personality into a brand.

The new logo and branding give my website and business card a new lease of life. I feel it enables me to really stand out as a creative professional.

I loved working with Jane, she’s so lovely, friendly and asks the right questions to help her understand what’s important in your brand. I have no idea how she does it – clever stuff!”

Manda Graham, Producer, Coach & Mentor at Creative Spark


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