Celebrate your business milestone

You work hard on your business, meet client demands, shrug off the competition, survive another year, then an important milestone comes on the horizon before you know it! There are many ways to celebrate your business milestone to your audience, but it needs to be relevant and fit within your budget. Not every business can, or should mark an anniversary with a new rebrand, why not mark the occasion with a celebratory logo that fits within your branding. Advertising your anniversary helps reinforce your achievement with testament to your experience and the reliability of your business within the marketplace.

Here are a few examples we’ve been created for our long standing clients.

Innovating design

JMDA have been trading as product designers for over 25 years within Worcestershire but trade world wide. With the combination of the expansion of their team, specialist advice and their world wide connections, they wanted to celebrate their milestone. Working alongside their marketing team, the idea for this logo is to showcase their innovation within their niche area of the design industry spanning over 25 years.
Take a look at their website to see how this logo fits within their branding: https://www.jmdadesign.com/

Keeping the existing JMDA format & colours helped to integrate the innovation graphic within it.

Keeping it local

All About Magazines are celebrating their first magazine launch 10 year years ago. At the time there was a gap in the market for an overall guide to whats on across Malvern, Worcester and Ledbury, in fact anything local that is relevant in that area. This was the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that All About Magazines are still at the heart of the community, supporting local businesses and events. Having already designed the logo a number of years ago, we were asked to design a celebratory logo. It needed to continue the ‘loving local’ theme and seamlessly integrated into their existing branding. Introducing a new colour to the existing colour palette helps to highlight the milestone without detracting from the main design.

Take a look at their website to see how the branding clearly works across different formats:

Special events are always perfect excuses to show off your business achievements and should fit comfortably within your marketing material.

Why trust us?

“One of the ways we decided was to celebrate the 10 year milestone with a logo. This is attached to all our marketing items as well as the magazines. Introducing the new colour refreshed our marketing materials and made it stand out. We used ID Creative Design again, as we knew they would ensure our new logo would be in line with our house style that they designed for us a few years ago. And we knew to expect quality!”

Sascha McDonald, Editor & Publisher of All About Magazines

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