logo branding





Asking questions to the right people help make the process straight forward. iD advised on the whole process and how some new visuals would help get my message across. Naturally, this saved me time so I could get on with my job.

Brand conscious

Mel loves helping people off load their anxiety and stress in her therapy room, based on the outskirts of Worcester. After our initial meeting it was clear she needed a consistent and strong brand to portray her hypnotherapy and reflexology services. When you decide to specialise in a natural therapy it's so important to get the confidence of those who will benefit from your expertise. Mel is so full of enthusiasm and energy for her clients to succeed, the metaphors just spill out of her. This made our job easy designing some eye catching and memorable images to represent these metaphors.

Mel loves colour, style and form, so having a new logo, a new colour palette and brand guidelines helped to convey the all important message of "change your mind, change your life." It's all about sending out the right message to reflect your personality, which I think we have captured in her new branding.