Showcase your niche

Are you booking space at a trade show this year?

You may have a new product to market or thinking of introducing a niche service to your business, if so exhibitions are an ideal event to promote either of these in their best light. If you attend an industry specific exhibition then there will be regular businesses attending that will be familiar with your company. Have you stepped back and looked how consistent your stand design, business cards, leaflets or promotional material looks?

When it comes to achieving the right set of marketing materials they need to:

• be consistent with your branding to clearly deliver your marketing objectives

• connect with your potential customers, so that they can find you in a sea of stands

• speak directly to potential customers to showcase the product or any specialised knowledge in your industry

• look professional in every way  to avoid any misconceptions.

Why? This is important as the statistics show that on average, 75% of visitors go to an exhibition to plan or to buy in the future.

It’s always worth spending the time on the following items as exhibiting is the most cost-effective way of getting your products and services in front of the right customers.

• Set specific, measurable targets for what you want to achieve from the event.
• Use relevant promotional items, or a video to help makes you stand out from other exhibitors in a memorable way.
• Take advantage of social media, make connections with other businesses at the event to help get your message out.

If you are thinking of exhibiting, it’s crucial being prepared with the right marketing materials as it’s such a big investment of time and money. Highlighting your differences from your competitors with bespoke graphics will attract the right interest to your stand.

If you wanted to print any marketing items, then did you know there are sustainable materials to choose from ranging from exhibition stands to business cards. We’re now working with printers that are net zero and can advise on what is the right fit for your budget.

For more info or creative ideas, why not get in touch or see more of our work here.


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