Digital banner design

Animated digital advert banner used on business website to promote green energy at MPU size.
Creative campaign advert

Printed magazine advert using a strong headline. Image sourcing/manipulation created by iD.

Screen campaign using headline and image sourcing/manipulation created in Photoshop by iD.
creative advertising design

Independent living campaign used across various magazines. Headlines and image sourcing/manipulation by iD.

A selection of creative campaign adverts used across print and digital media. Headline and image sourcing/manipulation created by iD.

The value of advertising

Why advertise you may ask? We're surrounded by advertising, on our mobiles/tablets/computer screens, TVs, newspapers, magazines, billboards, buses and bus stops, but what makes a good - even a great advert? Every business needs to advertise from small to large in some way. The main function of advertising is to increase the sales of a product or the services of a company. 

Here are our tips how to add value to your advert:

  • to identify a clear proposition of your product or service and what are the benefits
  • separate information: the primary purpose of advertising is to clearly inform people about the products and services of the business
  • identifying new customers by offering a specialist product or niche service
  • maintaining recognition using the logo and branding
  • stimulating primary demand by promoting best selling products or service
  • differentiating your offer from competitors

That's it, when done correctly this attracts new customers to grow your business. Here are some adverts we've designed over the years that we feel add value to our clients product or service.